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Determine Your Goals.

Just as if you are planning the vacation of a lifetime, any interior design project needs to be well-thought out and planned. Before beginning that plan, we first need to understand what it is we want to accomplish.

Are the designs to be done, to help you sell your home? In which case, we might want to lean towards conservative colors in paint and design. On the other hand if the design project is primarily for your own enjoyment of your home, then getting more creative and chic, is well worth our time, for we want to cater to your unique wants and desires.

If however the project is to design for a rental property, we need to think about the durability of the different materials selected, due to the elements (especially the sand and salt air of an ocean environment), and also due to the rough handling that will no doubt come from the renters of the property (you want to minimize costs of constant replacement of delicate materials each rental season).

Only after we determine the usage of the end product, should we engage in color selection, wall coverings, window treatments and the like. The same way you need to select your vacation destination, before you choose your flight and hotel.

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